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Visit the market by using the NPC in Wasteland around the hideout. Costs 1 Ticket.gif Ticket.

Return from the market

  • For every 4 decopoints you are granted 1 Usp.gif USP
  • (approximately) 1 present Small.gif per 2 universal soulpoints? Weight 0. (Had 3 for 6 unipoints) (Recieved 5 for 8 unipoints)

Possible Content:

  • Ducttape
  • Teddy
  • Batteries
  • Black Beer
  • Ammunition

The Market

  • Amount: Single?, rare (1 to 2 decaying Zombies)
  • Influx: Minimal

Moving: Wasteland 0, Hideout 1 Status energy.gif

  • In multiplayer, every player gets his own market.
  • Every time you travel to the market, a new one is generated, all items on the ground are lost, and your tree is back to zero.
  • There is no market in massacre game mode.


Name Weight Status weight.gif Status energy.gif Energy used Needs Items
Lametta.gif Lametta 5 5 3 Cd.gif CD
Xmasrope.gif Xmasrope 12 5 2 Lametta.gif Lametta, 1 Wire.gif Wireroll
Lights.gif LEDchain 12 5 1 Electro.gif , 1 Wire.gif Wireroll, 10 Led.gif LED
Mistletoe.gif mistletoe 15 5 3 Christmasball.gif xmasball, 2 Stick.gif stick, 1 Ducttape.gif ducttape, 1 Xmasneedles.gif Xmasneedles


First you need to errect the tree itself for 5 Stick.gif stick +2 Ducttape.gif ducttape, these are on the ground at every market granted for free.

After that you may:

Name Needs Decopoints How often
Add more branches
For every level you may add the same amount of decorations as stated in the "how often" column.
4 Stick.gif stick, 2 Ducttape.gif ducttape 0 9
Add fir needles 2 Xmasneedles.gif Xmasneedles 2 1
Add lametta 1 Lametta.gif Lametta 1 2
Add decorative rope 1 Xmasrope.gif xmasrope 2 2
Add Christmas lights 1 Lights.gif ledchain 5 1
Add baubles 10 Christmasball.gif xmasball 5 1
Add mistletoe 1 Mistletoe.gif mistletoe 3 3

Findable Items

Name Weight Status weight.gif Found times
Electro.gif 5 37
Xmasneedles.gif Xmasneedles 3 35
Ducttape.gif ducttape 3 43
Stick.gif stick !Weapons! 3 36
Wire.gif Wireroll 5 56
Cd.gif CD 2 125
Led.gif LED 3 147
Christmasball.gif xmasball !Weapons! 3 133
Spice.gif spices 1 31
Cloth.gif cloth 3 30
Bobblehead.gif Han Solo bobblehead
counts as 2 Teddys for achievment just some company 16.gif
3 29

old infos and news

Ticket.gif Mysterious ticket After beeing subjected to wind and weather for god knows how long, the writing on this ticket has faded. Only small fractions are still legible... "[...] ready f[..] meet at [...] Was[...]and [...]ill show you the wa[...] uni[...]oulp[...]". What could this mean? Weight 0, 1 to 3? are found everywhere at the third ingametick (including the hideout?) Interpretation: Be ready for sth., meet at the wastelands sth., will show you the way sth., Universal Soulpoints.

News released on 1.December 2013:

Christmas is just around the corner
Of course, ZombVival has an event waiting for such an occasion. Just like the Halloween Event, this Christmas Event will give you the opportunity to collect universal soulpoints.

The ZombVival Christmas Event will begin at midnight on the 6th Dec. and last until midnight on the 27th Dec. (UTC+1) As last time, the new Christmas game elements will also be integrated in currently running games. The massacre game mode will not receive any event content.

Visit the Christmas Fair
During the event, you will be able to travel to a Christmas Fair using a myterious ticket, where you can decorate a christmas tree in exchange for universal soulpoints. If you try really hard, you might even get some presents! After leaving the Christmas Fair, you tree will be evaluated and you will get your soulpoints. You cannot return to a fair after you've left it, so don't leave anything important behind! In case you own more than one ticket, you can travel to multiple fairs. In Multiplayer Mode, each player gets their own fair.

Christmas Skin
During the Christmas Event, the ZombVival interface will switch to Christmas design. Some of the additional graphic effects can be disabled by right-clicking the background image.

Have fun playing, and have a merry Christmas!