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I'm not very good with updating data so I'll just leave info about items collected here.

Tent: 1x Body already there (corpse or Torn Zombie) 5x DELUXE InstaTENT 5x Shred of Fabric 3x Mattress 2x Chainsaw 2x Colt 1x Wad of Cash 2x Bandage 3x Makeshift Bandage 3x Protective Vest 1x Leather Jacket 5x Flashlight 5x Condensate 6x Dirty Condensate 1x Dirty Water 2x Contaminated Water 1x Dalad Jelly 1x Bedside Lamp 4x Gun Powder 2x Flask 2x Teddy Bear 1x InstaTENT 1x Corpse (any) 3x Gun Ammo 2x Batteries 2x Oven 2x Rifle 2x Wooden Crate Cap 2x Jarpen Table 1x Belt 1x Bottle of colorful pills 1x Baseball Bat 1x Windows Phone 1x Torn Zombie 1x Animal Food

Barbecue Area: 1x Dalad Jelly 4x Wooden Crate Cap 2x Bike Helmet 1x Belt 1x Copper Pipe 1x Windows Phone 1x Blocks of Concrete 1x Bottle of colorful pills 3x Vodka 2x Whisky 2x Wheat Beer 1x Flashlight 2x Wrought Iron 2x Plastic Chair 1x Twisted Plank 1x Leather Jacket 1x Mattress Rotting Logs and Scrap Metals

Small Office Building: 1x Protective Vest 1x Gun Ammo 1x Broken Bicycle 1x Normal Chair 1x Plastic Chair 1x Copper Pipe 1x Pressure Regulator 1x Bike Helmet

Public Restrooms: Same as always, just copy the table from it's page, makes no sense to make a new one