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There are 6 kind of chemicals:

  • 1. Chem1.gif Milosat
  • 2. Chem2.gif Carmigol
  • 3. Chem3.gif Neotrigin
  • 4. Chem4.gif Limosuptin
  • 5. Chem5.gif Gatonoptium
  • 6. Chem6.gif Betakosimate

There are also new chemicals that have to be listed and experimented with - ie. Milodrin doubles pills.

Combining them results in another chemical (just add up the index numbers).
2+2=4 etc. Getting over 6 results in an explosion, hurting you.

Successful Experiments

1 Chem1.gif 2 Chem2.gif 3 Chem3.gif 4 Chem4.gif 5 Chem5.gif 6 Chem6.gif + Item Result Notes
x x x Pill any.gif Pill (any) Pill any.gif Pill (random)
x Pill any.gif Pill (any) Pill any.gif Pill, Pill any.gif Pill (doubled)
x x x Generic.gif Generic Food (any) Nutrient.gif Nutrient Slime
x x x Burger.gif Fast Food (any) Nutrient.gif Nutrient Slime
x Nutrient.gif Nutrient Slime Nutrient2.gif Nutrient Plasma
x x x x x Container.gif Water (any) in a container Worst Quality of water in the container "First you hear a hissing sound from your bottle, then you notice a pungent odor. Want to really drink the stuff now ...?"

This combination of water or blood is deteriorated by one stage. Thus, it is of clear water, dirty water, etc. However, blood is blood. It only increases the damage the blood wreaks drink.

x Container.gif Water (any) in a container Water clean.gif Clear Water in the container "First you hear a hissing sound from your bottle, then you realize that the chemical has cleaned your water! Hurrah!"

The water or blood, no matter what level of quality is immediately converted into clear water.

x Paracetoid.gif Box of Paracetoid Twinoid.gif Box of Twinoid Amount stays same
x Paracetin.gif Box of Paracetin Twinoid.gif Box of Twinoid Amount stays same
x Paralaxium.gif Box of Paralaxium Twinoid.gif Box of Twinoid Amount stays same
x Rawmeat.gif Meaty Bone Bone1.gif Bone This also works on cooked meaty bones.
x Pumpkinedb.gif Pumpkin (edible) Pumpkin.gif Decorative Pumpkin "The pumpkin soaks up the chemical on and loses some of its color ... now you can use as an ornamental pumpkin him just yet."
x x x x x Pumpkinedb.gif Pumpkin (edible) Pumpkinbad.gif Rotten Pumpkin "The pumpkin sucks in your eyes ... the chemical on and begins to rot in motion!"
x Body.gif Corpse (any) 1 - 3 Water blood.gif Blood, Bone3.gif Chewed Body "The chemical etching of the corpse, the flesh from the bones! There remains some blood back ... and a skeleton perfectly preserved!"
x Machete.gif Rusty Machete Machete2.gif Sharp Machete "The chemical is running on the blade down and etches away the rust! Your machete is now sharper than ever!"

This combination can pay rather than improving the machete in the Gun Shop, first because the energy can be saved for the path and the second the energy for the betterment of the machete itself

x Bat.gif Baseball bat 2 Crwood.gif Rotting Log "It appears that this substance somehow react to the varnish on this bat.... and completely desolves it, including the wood. Well, this used to be a baseball bat."

Strange Substances

Successful Experiments

Please copy your "experiments" from your LOG in here, to collect the raw data !

--Storm (talk) 16:20, 27 June 2015 (BST)

Raw Data

Note: write for "failed" Experiments... N/A = disappears Item + Substance or nothing = disappears only Substances

  • You have combined Red.gif with Chem1s.gif and got Red.gif Red.gif - (duplicates Pills)
  • Chem1.gif Milosat + Chem2.gif Carmigol (N°2) = Chem3s.gif Neotrigmat (N° 3)
  • Chem1s.gif Milodrin (N°1) turns food into Nutrient.gif Nutrient Slime
  • Chem1s.gif Milodrin (N°1) N/A to Paralaxium.gif Paralaxium, Paracetin.gif Paracetin
  • Chem1s.gif + Uniheal2.gif Medical Substance H9CE42-X = nothing
  • Chem3s.gif Neotrigmat (N° 3) N/A to Paracetoid.gif Paracetoid
  • Chem6s.gif Betakosidatin (N°6) dissolves Nutrient.gif Nutrient Slime, turns Paralaxium.gif Paralaxium into Foodsupplement.gif Box of Food Supplements
  • Chem2s.gif Karmitain (N° 2) + Machete.gif Rusty Machete does nothing
  • Chem2s.gif Karmitain (N° 2) duplicates Pills
  • You have combined Chem1s.gif Milodrin (N°1) with Chem1s.gif Milodrin (N°1) and got Chem2s.gif Karmitain (N° 2).
  • Chem2s.gif Karmitain (N°2) + Chem2.gif Carmigol (N°2) = Chem4s.gif Limosuritat (N°4)
  • Chem2s.gif + Uniheal2.gif Medical Substance H9CE42-X = nothing
  • Chem4s.gif Limosuritat (N°4) + Machete.gif Rusty Machete = nothing
  • Chem1s.gif + Paracetoid.gif = nothing
  • Chem2s.gif Karmitain (N° 2) - Has no effect on Water Purifying Tabs


There are 6 different 'Strange substances' in small test tubes (0.2 weight):

  • 1. Chem1s.gif Milodrin
  • 2. Chem2s.gif Karmitain
  • 3. Chem3s.gif Neotrigmat
  • 4. Chem4s.gif Limosuritat
  • 5. Chem5s.gif Gatonoptigin
  • 6. Chem6s.gif Betakosidatin

The "Normal substances" Chem1.gif Milosat (1) & Chem2.gif Carmigol (2) are used most frequently, since in addition to the "Strange substances" Chem1s.gif Milodrin (1) & Chem2s.gif Karmitain (2) Note: There are 4 chemical that can be found (2 colorful and 2 strange) , so if you find any substance, there is a 25% chance for each of those. There are 4 colorful and 4 strange substances you cannot find at all; you have to obtain them by mixing other substances together.